Amazement Blog

I'm sitting here tonight in complete amazement of my daughter! For the past few weeks we have noticed a notable increase in both Sophie's eye contact along with the fact she is reaching out to us with absolutely no prompting. Some people might say " what's the big deal"? To us this is HUGE!

While saying goodnight she is cupping my face in her hands while gazing in my eyes and says " I love you" and then proceeds to also ask for a hug.

Today I put her hair in pigtails and braids, when she got home from school she said loud and clear while touching my arm and looking me in the eye to make sure I was paying attention to her " mom,". She wanted me to take her hair down.

While finishing up dinner tonight she looked at her dad in the eye while holding her yogurt and says "help dad" (she needed help getting the cover off).

These moments may sound typical to many, even annoying in some small way, but to me it is monumental.  For us, it has been an INCREDIBLE day in the Aguiar household!

Emily Diagnosed

emmeIt is with a heavy heart that we announce that our youngest daughter Emily has also been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified). In case anyone is interested in learning more there is an excellent article on Autism Speaks.

While it will continue to be an uphill climb now with two children on the spectrum we will continue to fight and advocate for our amazing children. We have all the more fire and determination to make Sophie's Promise everything we envisioned it to be. Keep spreading the word and continue to spread awareness!