Sadness Resignation

Its been a very eventful week in the Aguiar household. Emily’s teacher resigned her position. To say it was heartbreaking to us would be an understatement. She has made such an imprint on both our hearts and our children. She helped to build the very foundation of my children’s education. She always had an open ear and large heart. When ever I was struggling with an issue with the girls she was always there to tell me this to shall pass, and it always did. While she takes on a new endeavor we wish her nothing but love and happiness! While my children will no longer see her in the school setting she will continue to be a huge part of our private lives. We love you Miss Linda!

On another note, I heard from a great local mom named Michelle. She had heard about the fundraiser and called me to find out a little more about the cause. She too has a child on the spectrum who is in his teens now. We spoke for quite sometime about the struggles we face each and everyday not only with the children and all their quirks but battles to get our children’s therapeutic and educational services. She gave me some insight into the future. She told me to continue to fight the good fight and hang on because things DO get better. I often wonder of what the future will bring and I just LOVE hearing from fellow warriors moms who have been there done that and almost all of them say the same thing…it gets better! So thank you Michelle for making my day! See you April 28th.